Architectural Elements & Specifications

Whether you’re looking to supplement or replace positions in your design department, Pivotal has you covered. Our team of AUTOCAD qualified store planners create accurate and dynamic architectural floor plans that can be used to ensure that the electrical, plumbing and engineering aspects of your design efforts are complete, accurate and compliant with regulations.

The advantages of having store planners that live specifically in the retail channel are clear—Pivotal’s people are continuously optimizing both new and existing retail spaces and merchandising strategies for our clients. Our clients save time and money by sourcing trained specialists are dedicated to their projects and their standards.. Ramp-up time and training are consolidated into a faster and smoother process.. Time it takes us to understand your initiative and methods? Minimal. When you partner with Pivotal’s AUTOCAD planners, you get:

  • Your initiatives implemented to market faster.
  • Immediate access to vetted and qualified team members.
  • End-to-end production and approval processes in one place.
  • Control of your KPI and performance metrics.
  • Dedicated support that you can rely on at any time.

The availability of space optimization experts that work everyday in the retail environment is what sets Pivotal Retail Group apart from the competition. We don’t just crunch data for our clients, we ensure that your space is being maximized to it’s fullest and most profitable potential.