Survey, Mapping & Reporting Tool

VSM gives you the transparency and flexibility you need where it matters most; on your sales floor. Whether you’re planning a reset or validating your refresh initiatives, from departments and aisles to fixtures and SKUs, you now have access to the essential reports and data that is important to you.

With our proprietary solution as your foundation, your customizable floor plans take all the data points of your business and puts them into one simple, scale-able and transparent place. Now, you can quickly and accurately assess the condition of each location and verify the compliance of your merchandising programs.

And with VSM, you don’t need to fund a separate interface device — the companion application gives you access to desktop functionality on the mobile devices you already own. Now you can:

  • Build an accurate merchandise map
  • Obtain data on-site
  • Validate aisle clearance
  • Check SKU information
  • Interface with your existing POGs
  • Manage locations visually with photos of every fixture
  • Track store data remotely
  • Continually assess the condition of your property
  • Run reports on any condition

No matter what sector of the market you are responsible for, VSM will ensure that you have the data you need to make sound decisions—any time and any where.