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Andy Slanina, the founder of Pivotal Retail Group, began his journey into retail after his service in the US Army. Returning home from Desert Storm, he went to work for a startup company called The Home Depot. Holding several positions with The Home Depot, he eventually became a buyer and merchant for the Southwest Division in Dallas. However, as the company grew, his thirst for problem solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship was not satisfied. He spent the next ten years in the merchandise service industry obtaining insight and knowledge of how some of the biggest and best retailers functioned and malfunctioned.

When the opportunity presented itself to start a company from the ground-up, no time was wasted. From its inception Pivotal Retail Group was designed to not just be another service company. It needed to be more and different. It had to improve the processes, deliver a better product, improve speed-to-market, and save costs. Always understanding that each retailer had its own process and historical nuances, the term “Custom Client Solutions” quickly became the tag line for the company. 

Over the years, Pivotal has accomplished some monumental tasks such as digitally mapping one of the largest big box retailers in the world, large scale brand conversion for a 4000-unit franchise, provided long term capital spend management for multiple retailers topping $550 million per year, and the list is still growing and changing. 

Pivotal is better equipped today than ever before to guide and manage retailers through the everchanging world of brick-and-mortar retail.

About Us