ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware

Pivotal Retail Group partnered with Ace Hardware to roll-out a project that greatly impacted and changed their existing paint department. This project was the Paint Reinvention project which introduced two new paint lines - Clark & Kensington (Ace’s private label) and Valspar. The rollout touched 4500 stores across the country and was a $75M project expenditure.

In the first nine months, Pivotal helped Ace complete 3800 stores (roughly 85%) with the remaining outlier stores completed in the following six months. Overall, Ace saw 6% increase in market share for paint.

Here’s how Pivotal Retail Group accomplished this.

Pivotal supported Ace through planning, coordination, and quality validation which produced huge results for the retailer.

During the planning phase, Pivotal conducted pre-call surveys to every store. Each Ace Hardware store is franchised, so it was imperative to collect and validate the existing data within each location. Once
the data had been reviewed, the Pivotal team determined the correct product assortment based on Ace’s prerequisites.

Next, the reset coordination team went to work ordering the new fixtures and materials necessary for the project. This included shipment tracking and delivery coordination. Also, the Pivotal coordinators had to manage the disposal of the existing paint and paint mixers that weren’t going forward. Finally, during execution, Pivotal assembled a real-time issue support, management, and resolution team.

As each storse was completed, the coordination team completed photo audits, reviewing each installation for compliance. Again, each store was reached out to via phone with a post-call survey to ensure 100% satisfaction.

As mentioned earlier, Ace’s market share increased a total of 6% (from 4% to 10%) once the project was complete.